Teacher CPD Programmes

It’s crucial that CPD in schools should be on-going and directly linked to improving teaching and learning. Recent research supports our belief that sending staff on one-day courses is often not the most effective way to adding lasting and transferable professional value to the attendees or to other staff and students in school. One-off sessions can be costly and don’t deliver the same benefits experienced by schools that invest in on-going training tailored to individual needs. We believe that to optimise the value of professional development it should be:

  • directly linked to a school’s improvement objectives
  • focused on pupil learning
  • take place within schools
  • delivered directly to the target audience
  • offering opportunities for collaboration
  • scheduled over an extended period of time

Backed by leading pedagogical research

Our ongoing cpd programmes are supported by leading pedagogical research

The way we approach CPD training in schools is supported by leading educational research. Schools have a responsibility to provide the most effective training to staff that promotes professional growth and improves teaching and learning. Research demonstrates that the impact of CPD is most effective when a school implements an on-going training programme (Teacher Development Trust) that encourages and enables staff to work collaboratively towards long-term goals that raise standards in teaching and learning.

So whether your priorities are supporting newly appointed middle leaders, equipping staff with theory-based research that improves teaching and learning, or improving models of assessment, you can design your own training programme to be delivered to as many of your staff as you require in the place where learning takes place.

At Veema we offer

  • Bespoke shorter or on-going courses, blended learning programmes, personalised interactive webinars and online presentations.
  • ‘On the ground’ training, including live classroom demonstrations.
  • One-to-one or group coaching.
  • Continued online follow-up with agreed action points.
  • Feedback and support with designing ‘fit for purpose’ whole-school policies.
  • Training with clusters of schools with a selected host school (brilliant for generic training).

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Our four steps to successful professional development

Four steps to successful development

CPD with impact

We will help you deliver effective professional development by:
  • Creating bespoke programmes directly linked to your school’s improvement objectives.
  • Offering practical solutions that enable you to support and improve student achievement.
  • Supporting you to provide an effective framework for revising practice and evaluating the impact.

Here’s a flavour of what we do…

Four steps to success



Only by fully understanding a school can you properly evaluate and determine its unique set of needs. It is our deep consultation process that enables us to deliver solutions that focus consistently and effectively on enabling pupils to achieve their full potential.



Because all schools are different, a ‘one sizefits all’ approach is not appropriate, which is why each of our programmes can be personalised to fit your school’s exact requirements and objectives.



Experienced expert consultants assigned to deliver bespoke programmes with carefully devised timetables that allocate training over an agreed period.



To ensure that learning is fully embedded, we provide follow-up material that enable on-going exploration of subjects beyond the initial training days along with guidance and tools you need to assess the impact of the training.