Teacher CPD Training Packages

The nine CPD programmes below have proven to be the most popular with schools. They can all be tailored to your specific CPD objectives. See which would suit your needs best.

You can choose to host the training in your school or join with local schools to save on costs, create a regional team and expand your community of professionals. For more information about hosting a CPD programme in partnership with us please email our Director of Educational Services Costa Constantinou, c.constantinou@veema.co.uk.

Championing a Pedagogical Mindset

Building teams of confident research-rich leaders

This course is specifically designed to help you build a team of confident leaders, able to use research-based teaching methods effectively to deliver the best educational experience for their students.

After your Championing a Pedagogical Mindset training you will be able to:

  • Make better, more reliable, research-backed decisions about how best to improve outcomes for all learners.
  • Put in place innovative teaching methods such as lesson study.
  • Choose the most appropriate tools and strategies to ensure your teaching is as effective as possible.
  • Bridge the gap between the latest research and actual classroom practice so that you are teaching like a champion.
  • Expertly set up and lead an effective action research project that will add a new dimension to your school.
  • Build a true teaching and learning community in your school that gives all students a great education.

Championing a Pedagogical Mindset is suitable for: Key Stage and Curriculum Area Leaders, Pastoral and Subject Leaders, Heads of Department, CPD or Pedagogical Leads, Lead Practitioners, aspiring leaders.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Plus 9-10 hours of online learning.

Leading the Charge to Change

Inspire others to drive success

For your school to achieve its true potential, you need to inspire others. Our Lead the Charge programme will help you develop the core skills needed to build teams that share a common vision of success. This is the ideal training for any leader looking to take their school to the next level.

After your Lead the Charge training, you will be able to:

  • Better understand the key features of good leadership and how to apply them to your school environment.
  • Provide feedback in ways that motivate and inspire your team to grow as classroom practitioners.
  • Create a strong work ethic and a culture of accountability and high expectation in your teams.
  • Use the latest educational research to develop innovative strategies that improve classroom practice.
  • Plan, manage and follow up difficult conversations with colleagues, parents and students.
  • Bring about improvement and change by implementing more effective self-evaluation practices.

Our Leading the Charge to Change Programme is ideal for: Heads of Department, Heads of Year, CPD Champion Leaders, those new to middle leadership posts.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Plus 9-10 hours of online learning.

Creating a Whole-School Framework for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

Building a confident team to lead wellbeing across the school

This programme will enable you to put in place an effective, supportive wellbeing and mental health agenda across all key stages. Delivered by an accredited safeguarding expert and using the latest, most reliable educational research, this training will equip you with a much deeper understanding of current emotional wellbeing and mental health issues.

After this training, you will be able to:

  • Establish a culture that nurtures positive wellbeing and mental health throughout the whole of your school system.
  • Implement preventative measures and practical strategies that reduce barriers to learning.
  • Develop an effective wellbeing and mental health curriculum across all key stages in your school.
  • Discover a range of practical preventative measures that you can implement fast and effectively.
  • Develop a whole-school system for assessing, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating student cases sensitively and effectively.
  • Instil ‘digital resilience’ in children and young people to ensure their social and emotional wellbeing online.
  • Apply educational research from the most reliable and current sources to support your wellbeing programme.

Creating a Whole-School Framework for Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health is suitable for: all staff, but particularly those with a pastoral responsibility.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year, including up-to-date safeguarding training from an accredited safeguarding consultant. Plus 9-10 hours of online learning.

Keeping Children Safe

Putting safeguarding at the heart of your school agenda

Our Keeping Children Safe training will help you put safeguarding at the heart of your school agenda. It will enable you to better understand current legislation, guidance and procedures relating to the protection of children, as well as the role and responsibilities of staff in protecting children in their care. This training can be used during the induction of new staff as well as to raise awareness of those already in post.

After your Keeping Children Safe training, you will:

  • Possess a much deeper knowledge of current safeguarding and inspection legislation.
  • Understand the part that anti-radicalisation legislation has to play in the prevention of terrorism.
  • Know the responsibilities of your staff and their role in the protection of children.
  • Be able to improve safeguarding and child protection through learning from case studies and serious case reviews.
  • Appreciate how best to use whole-school audits and reviews of current safeguarding, e-safety, anti-bullying and inclusion policies.
  • Be able to redesign safeguarding policies to ensure appropriate action is taken if child protection thresholds are crossed.
  • Know how to revise existing recruitment policies and practices to create a safer, more protective school culture.
  • Be able to identify and address any safeguarding issues to ensure you are inspection ready.

Keeping Children Safe is suitable for: designated Safeguarding Leads and all teaching and non-teaching staff.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Optional online support is available.

Brain-Based Education

Using neuroscience to create a memorable learning experience

Using neuroscience in education helps create a more memorable learning experience for students, as well as improve teacher performance. This training programme offers a practical approach for applying the latest research findings to your classroom practice.

After your Brain-Based Education training, you will be able to:

  • Apply the latest neuroscience and cognitive psychology research to classroom pedagogy.
  • Evaluate the influence of six key hormones and other physiological factors on student performance.
  • Use the insights of key researchers such as Daniel Willingham and The Sutton Trust in your classroom.
  • Implement new learning and revision strategies that make memories ‘stick’ and recall more effective.
  • Help students become independent and self-regulated learners so they can take the lead in their own learning.
  • Teach strategies and assessment techniques that maximise student learning in both the short and long-term.
  • Carry out curriculum reviews and audits to support deeper learning across all subject levels.

Brain-Based Education is suitable for: all teaching and non-teaching staff, but particularly CPD and Pedagogical Research Leads, Heads of Department and Pastoral Leaders.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Plus 9-10 hours of online learning. Additional days are available to work with students or deliver our boot camp revision techniques, masterclasses and assemblies.

Rethinking Governance

Lead the way to effective school governance

Delivered by former head teachers and governance specialists with extensive experience of working in British international schools, this two- part training programme is specifically designed to help you strengthen governance within your school.

After the first part of the programme, which focuses on ‘building the foundations of governance’, you will:

  • Have a much greater knowledge of the purpose of a governing body and the three core functions of school governors.
  • Know how governors need to work in ‘critical harmony’ with school leaders if they want to challenge the status quo without conflict.
  • Be able to identify individual strengths of governors and use these to improve the collective effectiveness of the whole governing body.
  • Understand how to reinvent the committee by replacing outdated stereotypes about committee structure and form.
  • Be able to put together an ongoing programme of potential ‘next actions’ that will enable you to create tomorrow’s school.
  • Teach strategies and assessment techniques that maximise student learning in both the short and long-term.
  • Carry out curriculum reviews and audits to support deeper learning across all subject levels.

The second part of the programme ‘takes governance to another level’, after which you will:

  • Know why inspectors judge governing bodies in the way they do and how you can use this knowledge to get ‘inspection ready’.
  • Discover how to use data to evaluate your school’s effectiveness and improve Head and Senior Leader performance.
  • Improve future recruitment to the board by analysing skills gaps in governors’ pool of expertise.
  • Raise the profile of your governing body to enable it to work more effectively with stakeholders.
  • Understand how to define and separate the roles of Clerk and Secretary more effectively.

Rethinking Governance is suitable for: School Leaders, Governors, would-be Governors, Clerk and Secretary.

Duration: 3–5 days of in-house training over the course of the academic year. Follow-up online coaching is also available for Clerk or Secretary if required.

Become a Champion Teacher

Supporting teachers at the start of their careers

It is never too soon for teachers at the start of their careers to think about their professional development and career progression. Become a Champion Teacher gives you a sound, evidence-based framework for moving forward by making ‘great teaching’ a habit.

After our Become a Champion Teacher programme, you will be able to:

  • Implement practical classroom strategies like on-the-spot differentiation, innovative modelling and effective questioning.
  • Meet the needs of all learners by applying the latest research in neuroscience, memory and the science of learning.
  • Create a classroom environment in which all students learn faster and more effectively.
  • Give students guided support through more effective feedback, scaffolding and metacognition strategies.
  • Use evidence-informed tools, self-evaluation methods and classroom practices that increase engagement and build autonomy.
  • Employ powerful and effective dialogue techniques you can use when meeting with your NQT.
  • Ensure your teaching is evidence-informed and that you are continually striving to make ‘great teaching’ a habit.
  • More effectively use professional development to map out your future career progression.

Become a Champion teacher is suitable for: all beginning teachers looking to drive their professional development and progress their career.

Duration: 3–5 days of in-house training over the course of the academic year. Optional follow-up online coaching is available.

Leading Learning

Establishing an effective cohort of lead practitioners

The Leading Learning programme will enable you to develop a CPD programme in your school that creates confident pedagogical practitioners through practical coaching and mentoring strategies proven to support great teaching and deep collaborative learning.

After the Leading Learning programme, you will be able to:

  • Use staff coaching more effectively to build a culture of effective, evidence-informed teaching and learning.
  • Lead teaching and learning assessments using innovative practices and principles that support collaborative learning.
  • Apply edtech and research-backed teaching techniques to raise literacy, oracy and numeracy standards.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of staff CPD programmes on both teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Develop practical mentoring strategies, such as lesson observations and learning walks.
  • Build a culture of effective, evidence-informed teaching and learning by designing more effective CPD programmes.
  • Provide the subject-specific support that staff need to ensure their continuing professional development is focused.

Leading Learning is suitable for: Key Stage and Curriculum Area Leaders, Pastoral and Subject Leaders, Head of Departments, CPD or Teaching and Learning Leads, Lead Subject Practitioners and aspiring leaders.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Plus 9-10 hours of online learning.

T for Terrific Teaching

Best practice that leads to everyday greatness

Consistently applying best practice will lead you to become a great teacher. This training programme gives you the tools to do that, so you can meet the needs of the most able while maximising the progress of SEND and EAL pupils.

After our T for Terrific teaching training, you will be able to:

  • Apply best practice thinking from the Sutton Trust, John Hattie’s ‘Visible Learning’ and the Education Endowment Foundation.
  • Become a champion teacher by learning practical strategies that will help you make ‘great teaching’ a core habit.
  • Implement practical yet innovative classroom strategies that create both challenge and curiosity in all learners.
  • Use key ideas from ‘Becoming a Growth Mindset School’ and ‘The Power of Mindset’ to transform your classroom environment.
  • Put in place highly effective on-the-spot differentiation techniques that make learning stick.
  • Embed core teaching and learning principles, such as successful modelling, scaffolding and exemplary explanation.
  • Make the best use of formative assessment, metacognition and the science of learning.

T for Terrific teaching is suitable for: all teachers and support staff.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Plus an optional 6-8 hours of online coaching with a T & L consultant. In-class support is offered as part of this programme.

Innovating SEND Leadership

Taking school inclusion to another level

Inclusion is at the heart any school leader’s agenda. So getting this right is vital in providing a curriculum that meets the needs of all learners in your school. This course helps school leaders acquire the skills, knowledge and resources they need to successfully fulfil their role as a school’s SENCO or inclusion lead. Drawing on the most recent educational research, best practice pedagogical approaches and evidence from leading inclusion experts, this course will help you to develop not only the leadership skills you need to run an effective SEND department, but also strategies for implementing, monitoring and evidencing successful inclusion practices across the school. The programme will also equip you to lead on SEND training in your school and will provide you with a range of practical classroom strategies you can use and share with colleagues at your school.

After our Innovating SEND Leadership, you will be able to:

  • Learn the key ingredients necessary for building an effective inclusion team and liaising effectively with your senior leadership team.
  • Discover how to build a culture of learning within a team or school that encourages high expectations for SEND students and removes any barriers to learning.
  • Find out how to develop effective individual health plans for pupils and implement and monitor their use most effectively.
  • How to use best practice frameworks and guidance to document and evidence to school inspectors your ongoing support for SEND pupils.
  • Acquire the communication skills needed to connect with and gain support from external stakeholders, parents, agencies and other educational professionals.
  • Understand and apply simple Edtech tools so all children have access to a wide and varied curriculum.
  • Gain practical guidance on how to manage support staff to best effect.
  • Discover the most effective policy and classroom resources to support you in your role as inclusion manager, school SENCO or pastoral leader.
  • Leave with a toolbox of ideas for delivering SEND training and building awareness in your school.

Innovating SEND Leadership is suitable for School SENCO, Pastoral and Inclusion teams, TAs, Senior Leaders with a whole-school responsibility for Inclusion and safeguarding

Duration: 2–3 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Plus 9–10 hours of online learning.

Four steps to school improvement



Deep Consultation — including ‘needs analysis’ and audits (safeguarding and pupil premium, for instance) — provides the foundation of understanding we need to create an improvement plan that will consistently and effectively work for your school, in both the short and long-term.



Working alongside your leadership team, we will develop an improvement programme that is personalised to exactly reflect your school's unique set of needs. This is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, but one that includes professional development training and the tools required to make fast, effective progress.



Our experienced consultants will provide hands-on help to deliver this bespoke schedule of improvement support effectively throughout the school year.



Three to six month-long follow-up procedure to help ensure your improvement gains become fully embedded into the fabric of your school.

Become a host school

Become a host school

Hosting one of our CPDL programmes provides a unique opportunity for your school to:

  • Boost its professional development budget
  • Collaborate with a diverse range of schools in a way not otherwise possible
  • Work with some of the UK’s most ‘switched on’ educators
  • Give your school leaders and champion teachers the tools they need to coach, train and better evaluate the impact of your CPD
  • Support your CPD beyond just start and end-of- year INSETs with an event that can run alongside a normal school day
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