Blended Programmes

The programmes below have have proven to be the most popular with schools. They can all be tailored to your specific CPD objectives. See which would suit your needs best.

You can choose to host the training in your school or join with local schools to save on costs, create a regional team and expand your community of professionals. For more information about hosting a CPD programme in partnership with us please email our Director of Educational Services Costa Constantinou,

Our Core Blended Programmes

T for Terrific Teaching

Best practice that leads to everyday greatness

Consistently applying best practice will lead you to become a great teacher. This training programme gives you the tools to do that, so you can meet the needs of the most able while maximising the progress of SEND and EAL pupils.

After our T for Terrific teaching training, you will be able to:

  • Apply best practice thinking from the Sutton Trust, John Hattie’s ‘Visible Learning’ and the Education Endowment Foundation.
  • Become a champion teacher by learning practical strategies that will help you make ‘great teaching’ a core habit.
  • Implement practical yet innovative classroom strategies that create both challenge and curiosity in all learners.
  • Use key ideas from ‘Becoming a Growth Mindset School’ and ‘The Power of Mindset’ to transform your classroom environment.
  • Put in place highly effective on-the-spot differentiation techniques that make learning stick.
  • Embed core teaching and learning principles, such as successful modelling, scaffolding and exemplary explanation.
  • Make the best use of formative assessment, metacognition and the science of learning.

T for Terrific teaching is suitable for: all teachers and support staff.

Duration: 3–5 days in-house training over the course of the academic year. Plus an optional 6-8 hours of online coaching with a T & L consultant. In-class support is offered as part of this programme.

Four steps to success


We Consult

Through deep consultation we get to understand your school’s unique needs so we can deliver effective solutions that enable your pupils to achieve their potential.


We Tailor

As all schools are different no ‘one size fits all’ approach works. So, every programme is personalised to your school’s exact requirements and objectives.


We Train

Our experienced expert consultants deliver bespoke programmes to carefully devised timetables agreed with you.


We Reflect

To embed learning fully we follow-up beyond initial training, allowing on-going exploration of subjects and impact assessment of our programmes.

Become a host school

Become a host school

Hosting one of our CPDL programmes provides a unique opportunity for your school to:

  • Boost its professional development budget
  • Collaborate with a diverse range of schools in a way not otherwise possible
  • Work with some of the UK’s most ‘switched on’ educators
  • Give your school leaders and champion teachers the tools they need to coach, train and better evaluate the impact of your CPD
  • Support your CPD beyond just start and end-of- year INSETs with an event that can run alongside a normal school day