Student Masterclasses

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With a constantly evolving curriculum and a growing need for the development of broader life skills, here’s a real opportunity for schools to deliver targeted support that can make a profound difference to students’ prospects.

Veema can help

Our Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 masterclasses are designed to support students through some of the most important years of school life. They carefully complement the curriculum, encouraging students to discover and employ the skills they need to become enthusiastic learners, self managers, reflective enquirers and creative thinkers.

Unlocking opportunity

Veema’s masterclasses support students at every stage — from transitioning successfully into secondary education, to making considered GCSE, AS and A-level choices, and preparing for the rigours of Higher Education.

Accessible, practical support

All our masterclasses run for two hours and are delivered to small groups in your school by experienced practitioners. We use a variety of techniques to suit different learning styles and provide teaching resources that will help students to reflect on their experience and develop further in the days and weeks to come.

Tailor made

We also offer completely bespoke masterclasses to meet schools’ specific requirements. Ask us for more information.

Student Masterclasses

Student Masterclasses with maximum impact

We will help you boost student learning by:
  • Encouraging students to employ the skills needed to become enthusiastic independent learners, reflective enquirers and creative thinkers.
  • Creating ‘reflection’ resources that enable you to continue student learning for a further eight to ten hours.
  • Providing a ‘tool box’ of activities to effectively evaluate the impact.

Our Student Masterclasses


Our masterclasses give students the support they need as they face new and significant challenges.


Students quickly become engaged in the Key Stage targeted sessions, learn new skills and discover how to related them to real-life situations.


We supply a teaching resource pack that enable students to review and reflect on the experience.

Reflective masterclass package

In addition to our masterclass sessions we offer a package designed to create even greater impact and see the benefits for longer. Before the masterclasses commence we start the day with a dynamic presenter-led assembly introducing students to their masterclass and preparing them for the day ahead. It’s fun, fully interactive and engaging including up-to-date information in neuroscience — how learning helps the brain grow and learning strategies to boost performance and refers to the work of Dr. Carol Dweck ‘Growth Mindsets’. We’ll also leave you with a teaching resource pack (teacher presentation slides and printable student tasks that can be used during tutor period, PSHCE or independent learning time). The resources will be based on the masterclass ensuring students continue to reflect on their experiences and reap the rewards for months to come.

Assemply + Masterclass + Resources = Powerboost!
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