Student Assemblies

In what can often seem a confusing world, the role of assemblies in creating successful students — future citizens who will thrive in a tolerant and diverse society — has never been greater.

But, for assemblies to fulfil this special role, they need to engage and be relevant, which is why we have created a range of 40-minute assemblies specifically designed to complement those normally given to Key Stage 3 to 5 students.

Each assembly provides an opportunity to hear experts speak on subjects that will enable students to expand their understanding of the world and to become more successful students — and people.

Our assemblies provide a thought-provoking platform for students to engage with new and challenging subjects and to build their understanding of the world. Your leadership team could use them for entire year groups or for specifically targeted pupils.

Our core assemblies

Particularly relevant are our four ‘core assemblies’, each designed to help students prepare for the future:

Revision Techniques

Focuses on acquiring good study habits that make learning more effective… and fun!

Championing a Growth Mindset

Uses the latest research to show students how they have the capacity to change by building on their natural skills and talents.

Career Choice

Looks at choosing the subjects that are best suited to help students achieve their career goals.

The World of Work

Explores how students can equip themselves for a modern working environment that’s constantly changing.

Bespoke assemblies

If you have a particular issue or subject you would like explored, let us know, and we can create a tailor-made assembly that is unique to you. For instance, this could deal with some of our most sensitive contemporary topics, such as ‘radicalisation’, ‘LGBT issues’ and ‘mental health’, or an assembly on ‘laughology’ — the importance of laughter — which is always particularly well received.

Student Assemblies with maximum impact:

Our thought provoking assemblies will help your students better understand the world by:
  • Allowing them to hear the thoughts and ideas of subject matter experts.
  • Providing a highly engaging interactive platform that’s tailored to their needs at all key stages.
  • Continuing the conversation with our Reflective Assemblies Package that can be used during tutor time, or in PSHCE lessons.

Assembly spotlight

Assembly revision techniques

Our Revision techniques assembly explores the science behind how we learn and shares proven study techniques that enable students to squeeze the most out of the time and resources available to them.

In less than 40 minutes we will transform the way students approach revision and define a clear route to an efficient and effective learning model.

Adapted from our student masterclass, this assembly will swiftly communicate the habits and expert strategies that guarantee exam success, as well as outlining a confident approach to independent study that will also impact performance in the classroom.

Outcomes include:

  • An understanding of learning strategies and proven study.
  • Skills that enable students to process and retain information more effectively.
  • Increased self-confidence, reduced anxiety and stress levels.

Book today for our limited availability assembly — delivered by our learning experts direct to your students, in your school and all for only £250.

Reflective assemblies package

Whether you choose a ready-to-go core assembly or one that’s bespoke to you, you can add even greater lasting value to the experience with a ‘Reflective Assemblies’ package. As part of the importance of reflective learning, our thought-provoking and information-rich package of teaching resources (8–10 hours of learning) can be used during tutor time, or in PSHCE lessons, to reflect on and carry on the conversation.

Assemply + Resources = Reflective assemblies package
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