Conferences & Keynotes

Are you planning a conference, ‘teachmeet’ or a teacher CPD networking event where you are looking for passionate, personable and conversant educators to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. Do you want to see your audiences jumping out of their seats with excitement, eager to share their new found learning with others — discussing some of the most innovative evidence informed practices and pedagogies.

At Veema Education our family of award winning educators and authors are some of the UK’s most switched on educators, authors and teachers.

  • Why getting CPD right in our schools matters.
  • Evaluating the impact of CPD in our schools.
  • Jedi teachers.
  • Access all areas — entitlement, differentiation and inclusion for all.
  • Personalised learning.
  • Formative assessment.
  • Metacognition.
  • Making full use of formative assessment.
  • Leading an international school.
  • School governance.
  • Mastery teaching.
  • Improving classroom practice through great questioning.
  • Cognitive science.
  • Effective professional development.
  • Inventing a warm, rich curriculum as opposed to a pedagogy of poverty.