Veema - International Schools: we bring the UK to you

We understand the difficulties faced by international schools who want to ensure they are conversant with the latest educational practices spearheaded in the UK in order to continue to provide outstanding learning opportunities to their students and staff.

All schools have unique challenges but adhering to the British or IB curriculum outside of the UK requires extra effort to assimilate new policies and practices. We offer bespoke standalone and ongoing teacher CPD for your staff as well as targeted masterclasses for your students.

What makes us different

Our unique understanding of the British education system and of the challenges facing international schools means we can offer an equally unique training solution.

We place great value on fostering strong relationships. We aim to establish partnerships with schools that are dedicated to achieving and maintaining academic excellence by supporting teachers and enabling students to make good progress. Building on your school’s objectives we can help define the type of training and development programmes your staff and students would benefit from.



Teacher CPD

  • Tailor-made to provide the tools you need for long-term professional development.
  • Incorporates the new standards for teacher professional development (Department of Education, July 2016).
  • Improves practice while remaining focused on pupil outcomes.
  • Provides an effective framework for revising practice and evaluating the impact.

Supported by educational research

All schools need to invest in effective staff training that promotes professional growth and improves teaching and learning. Equipping teachers with the necessary tools to be reflective practitioners and to search for the next best practice is vital to improving classrooms. We offer stand-alone CPD training days as well ongoing CPD sessions spread over time. Recent research backs up our on-going offering by demonstrating that CPD works best as part of an on-going training programme. This stems from its greatly increased ability to encourage and enable staff to work collaboratively towards long-term goals that ultimately raise standards in teaching and learning. Veema can help you to achieve your own educational goals by creating and delivering a tailored training programme over any length of time, to any number of staff, on site in your place of learning.

Cost effective

Sending individual staff members to the UK to participate in training is an expensive undertaking — especially when you factor in the cost of travel, energy exerted and time involved. With Veema, it’s different:

  • We come to you
  • We can train as many staff as needed in one trip
  • Can be over one day or multiple days
  • Save time, money and effort

Wherever you are located, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills essential to continue to provide top-quality education.

Four steps to success



Only by fully understanding a school can you properly evaluate and determine its unique set of needs. It is our deep consultation process that enables us to deliver solutions that focus consistently and effectively on enabling pupils to achieve their full potential.



Because all schools are different, a ‘one sizefits all’ approach is not appropriate, which is why each of our programmes can be personalised to fit your school’s exact requirements and objectives.



Experienced expert consultants assigned to deliver bespoke programmes with carefully devised timetables that allocate training over an agreed period.



To ensure that learning is fully embedded, we provide follow-up material that enable on-going exploration of subjects beyond the initial training days along with guidance and tools you need to assess the impact of the training.

Student Masterclasses

  • Informative, motivational and 100% relevant to your school’s curriculum.
  • Underpinned by the latest research, including growth mindset and the science behind how we learn.
  • Specifically designed to help your students develop skills within the classroom and during independent study, so they become well-informed learners.
  • Provides reflective teaching and follow-up resources to further improve pupil outcomes.

Increase student achievement

Our student masterclasses are designed to support students through some of the most important years of their school life. Each session is designed to carefully complement the curriculum, encouraging students to discover and employ the skills they need to become enthusiastic learners, self-managers, leaders, reflective enquirers and creative thinkers. We support students at every stage — ranging from key areas such as transitioning successfully into secondary education, making considered GCSE, AS and A-level choices as well as preparing for the rigours of Higher Education.

Reflective masterclass package

In addition to our masterclass sessions we offer a package designed to create even greater impact and see the benefits for longer. Before the masterclasses commence we start the day with a dynamic presenter-led assembly introducing students to their masterclass and preparing them for the day ahead. It’s fun, fully interactive and engaging including up-to-date information in neuroscience — how learning helps the brain grow and learning strategies to boost performance and refers to the work of Dr. Carol Dweck ‘Growth Mindsets’. We’ll also leave you with a teaching resource pack (teacher presentation slides and printable student tasks that can be used during tutor period, PSHCE or independent learning time). The resources will be based on the masterclass ensuring students continue to reflect on their experiences and reap the rewards for months to come.

Teacher CPD

Student Masterclasses

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