Course Outline

Of course, most of us acknowledge that didactic, lecture-style teaching fosters a culture of passivity in pupils, where pupils have come to expect to have learning “fed” to them – to be told the answers, rather than be taught the skills to discover the answers themselves, or even consider the possibility of alternative answers. This course will help you to quickly improve progress by using Talk-Less Teaching techniques which allow learning to go far deeper than it does when it is mostly administered aurally! You will take away a vast bank of exciting, engaging, practical ways to allow learners to access and understand complex topics and skills without relentlessly bending their ears! Strategies will be realistic and useable by delegates the very next day in subjects across the curriculum and in the different Key Stages.

Course Objectives

  • Maximise opportunities for learners to contribute to classroom dialogue as well as participate actively in lessons.
  • Reduce poor-quality teacher talk which can lead to inattention and restlessness in learners.
  • Ascertain essential information during a lesson about the understanding of learners.
  • Gather feedback from learners about their progress during lessons so that you can assess the impact of your teaching as you teach.
  • Adapt to the emerging needs of learners as the lesson unfolds.
  • Get active participation from all learners with a “No Passengers” approach to classroom instruction.

Delegates receive:

  • Completion Certificate
  • Take-away Resources
  • Essential Reading List
  • Optional Post Online Support

About Isabella Wallace

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Isabella Wallace

With her critically acclaimed Pimp Your Lesson!, Talkless Teaching and her new Best of the Best practical classroom guides series, Isabella is a leading light in educational reform and teacher improvement. She focuses on improving the quality of teaching and learner progression and delivers sessions that are highly interactive and relevant to teaching in the real classroom. Isabella has extensive experience as both a teacher and leader, and the accessibility of her highly sought-after training reflects this. She has worked closely with education authorities to develop literacy teaching provision, and to set up, manage and monitor staff coaching systems in schools. Thanks to her charisma, enthusiasm and knowledge of what works best, Isabella has delivered training across four different continents and is one of the most prolific education consultants working in the UK today.