Course Outline

This programme will enable you to put in place an effective, supportive wellbeing and mental health agenda across all key stages in your school. During this training you will gain the skills, knowledge and understanding of why, what and how mental and emotional health is crucial for all staff, pupils and parents to be actively supporting each other. It is based on the latest evidence of what works when it comes to improving the mental health of children and young people in schools.

Course Objectives

  • Establish an ethos and culture that encourages the development of positive wellbeing and mental health throughout the whole school
  • Create, develop and implement a whole school Mental & Emotional Health policy, ethos & culture with appropriate steps towards management and delivery of such a programme
  • Better understand why social and emotional wellbeing matters and give you the skills to identify those in need of support and create a wellbeing plan.
  • Understand the cognitive and neurological impact of poor mental health and wellbeing and the impact on academic and emotional progress.
  • Implement preventative measures and practical strategies that reduce barriers to learning.
  • Develop an effective wellbeing and mental health curriculum across all key stages in your school.
  • Develop a whole-school system for assessing, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating student cases sensitively and effectively.
  • Apply educational research from the most reliable and current sources to support your wellbeing programme.

Delegates receive:

  • Completion Certificate
  • Take-away Resources
  • Essential Reading List
  • Optional Post Online Support

About Nina Jackson

Author, Teaching and Learning Consultant

Nina Jackson

Few in education have the breathtaking grasp of Nina ‘Ninja’ Jackson about what makes classrooms, and those in them, tick. Winner of the IPDA International Prize for Education, the TES has decribed her as an ‘inspirational, evangelical preacher of education’. Nina’s particular gift is in working with SEN, the Gifted and Talented and engaging disaffected learners. As an international education consultant, she has worked with the Ministry of Education, UNESCO and UNICEF in Chile, Ghana, India, China, the Middle East and Europe. In her first book she shared her research on how music improves classroom learning and motivation. Her latest, the bestselling ‘Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons: A Compendium of Careful Advice for Teachers’, has helped thausands of teachers put the ‘fizz’ back into the classrooms.