Great CPD programmes inspire you to put into practice what you learn so you become an even better teacher. But effective CPD doesn’t depend on how long you spend listening or engaging in activity. Instead, it’s about the ongoing commitment you make as a school to do things differently.

Here are 8 reasons why CPD is so important:

  1. Effective teacher CPD has a direct and measurable impact on student achievement. The Sutton Trust says students learn 40% more when taught by an excellent performer.
  2. Good CPD increases staff morale, recruitment and retention. It also empowers staff to grow as pedagogical classroom practitioners.
  3. CPD must be based on the latest and most reliable research to ensure you are delivering best practice in your classroom.
  4. CPD is about more than just performance management. It creates much more effective teachers who can profoundly affect student outcomes for the better.
  5. Great CPD not only grows great leaders but also enables them to coach talented individuals so they become increasingly expert teaching practitioners.
  6. Choosing the right CPD will deliver the greatest benefits and value for money, which makes it crucial you select programmes that meet your school’s real needs.
  7. Celebrating successes in Continuous Professional Development will create an even more positive experience for all involved.
  8. Failing to evaluate CPD means you won’t know what works.

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Costa Constantinou (BA, MA, PGCE)
Director of Educational Services