Building teacher morale, especially in the winter months and after a school holiday, is vital to creating schools and classrooms where teachers and students feel positive and excel. Here are a few easy to use morale boosters to help you this term:

  1. Create a Pinterest wall somewhere in the school to inspire staff and students. It could be in the staffroom or reception, but keep it refreshed and refer to it regularly.
  2. Dedicate ten minutes of a staff briefing to celebrate colleagues’ outstanding efforts and contribution to the school. 
  3. Establish a whole-school job shadowing programme across all management posts for both teaching and non-teaching staff.
  4. Encourage students to thank staff and those in other year groups with handwritten postcards, videos, podcasts or an assembly shout out. Remember to include lunchtime supervisors, cleaners, admin staff and governors.
  5. Ask the staff well-being team to send a humorous or motivational email each week. Include information about local ‘special offers’.
  6. Reward staff who cover for absent colleagues with an end of term recognition award and gift.
  7. Ensure teachers are involved in planning, organising and evaluating CPD.
  8. Invite governors to speak at celebrations, including end-of-term staff parties.
  9. Build relationships between colleagues from different parts of the school by organising opportunities for them to come together to meet and talk. For instance, 15 minutes before a weekly departmental or pastoral meeting.
  10. Hold termly ‘Headteacher’s Awards’ to reward the special contribution of a colleague. All nominees for the award should receive a formal letter and a small gift.
  11. Encourage staff to attend regional and national events, such as Teachmeets, WomenEd and those arranged by the Chartered College of Teaching, and promote them in staff rooms through your weekly bulletins and during conversations with colleagues.
  12. Remember, sometimes a ‘thank you’ is all that’s needed to make a difference. Use those two words often and keep reminding staff that if we are to be there for students, we need to be there for each other.

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Costa Constantinou (BA, MA, PGCE)
Director of Educational Services