Building teacher morale, especially in the winter months and in the build-up to exams, is vital to creating schools and classrooms where teachers and children are happy and excel. Here are a few easy to use morale boosters to help you this term:

  1. Hand out a teaching and learning resource box.
  2. Arrange regular ‘Feel Good Fridays’ in the staffroom at break time (even some biscuits or donuts with a mug of coffee can make the perfect end to the week).
  3. Publish the positive work of staff in the school newsletter and on social media accounts.
  4. Organise your own fortnightly or termly ‘TeachMeets’ in staff briefings to share best practice.
  5. Produce staff and student videos. Play them around the school to really express how great your school is.
  6. Find exciting ways to model your school vision. Refer to this in staff briefings, student assemblies, parents’ evenings or meetings with school governors.
  7. Revisit moral purpose, reflecting on ‘why we are teachers’ at every available opportunity.
  8. Ask staff how they would to celebrate the school’s achievements at the end of term and regularly promote this event.

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Costa Constantinou (BA, MA, PGCE)
Director of Educational Services