As you welcome back your staff and students you are probably thinking of ways to keep morale high as senior leadership teams know only too well that happier teachers often means happier children.

To spur this forward, adopting our ten morale boosters will help boost staff performance creating even better working opportunities and providing a platform that nurtures skills and talent every day!

  1. Prepare a handwritten ‘thank you’ note acknowledging someone’s great work.
  2. Organise well-being weeks throughout the term with no meetings and encourage staff to go home earlier.
  3. Organise a ‘Teach/Meet’ afternoon and invite other schools from the borough.
  4. Celebrate the completion of projects with team lunches.
  5. Provide small snacks at break time every Friday.
  6. Provide a financial advice service for staff.
  7. Encourage staff to contribute and have their say on the planning of INSET/Twilight days.
  8. Share weekly videos and photos of excellent classroom practice from around the school.
  9. Introduce weekly or monthly ABCD (Above and Beyond Call of Duty) awards and encourage nominations from all staff.
  10. In staff briefings nominate staff to share book recommendations. One staff per faculty each term.

Have a great year.

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Costa Constantinou (BA, MA, PGCE)
Director of Educational Services