As you are welcoming back your staff and students you are probably thinking of ways to keep morale high. With lots of imminent changes in education, many of which are taking place this September, there is no better time than now to think about how to achieve this over the next ten months. After all, creating supportive workplaces that encourage staff to reflect, grow and develop in a positive way is often the right formula for a successful workforce — good head teachers know only too well that happier teachers means happier children.

So why not help boost staff performance this year by adopting the following ten morale boosters creating even better working opportunities and providing a platform that nurtures skills and talent every day!

  1. Invite two members of staff each week to shadow a senior leadership team (SLT) member. They can also attend and contribute to the weekly meetings.
  2. Send recognition letters to staff that have gone the extra mile.
  3. Encourage SLTs to have an ‘open door policy’ at least once a week for staff to drop in.
  4. Dedicate a section of the staffroom for up-to-date CPD literature and books about teaching and learning, along with a CPD live display board.
  5. Ask staff to observe someone for ten minutes, walk away with a ‘golden nugget’ and be willing to share this at the next staff INSET.
  6. Provide a ‘teacher tool-kit’ each term with updated pedagogical practices from research or teaching and learning ideas. Ask staff to present information they have picked up in staff meetings.
  7. Provide an anonymous comments box in the staff room that allows staff to make suggestions on areas they feel the school needs developing.
  8. Arrange a group competition, such as ‘Masterchef’ — you could even include students.
  9. Arrange for discounted offers for your staff from local businesses. For example, restaurant offers, car service etc.
  10. Arrange a short staff team-building activity at the start of any briefing, inset day or twilight session.

Have a great year.

Veema: signoff

Costa Constantinou (BA, MA, PGCE)
Director of Educational Services