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A Contextual Safeguarding Approach for International Schools

We are used to the visual focus of ‘safeguarding children in education’ being linked to possible ris…

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Top tips on evaluating teacher CPD in your school

One of the greatest influences on student outcomes is by improving both teaching and learning through effective teacher CPD. Yet few schools evaluate …

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10 morale boosters for school staff to keep momentum high

Boost staff momentum by adopting these simple morale boosters, helping create even better opportunit…

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How to use the six learning hormones to switch students on

Before we start...What if you could invite David Attenborough, Ron Weasley’s mum, Nigella Lawson, Jeremy Clarkson, the Bodyguard and Doctor Who into your classroom, drawing on the unique characteristics of each to make lessons more interesting and effective? Well you can, if you know how to control the six learning hormones they represent.There’s an iconic scene in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ film when Dor…

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What’s Your Problem?

Reflective Practice to Lead Change

We all know the power that our words can have on our students and colleagues but how often do we stop to think about the power of our words upon ourselves? Take the title of this article and the word, “problem”. Where did that take you? Did you picture your worst class? You pile of marking, your failing departments, your demanding parents or that one child that you cannot get through to? Did your …

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8 Facts About Teacher CPD You Need To Know

Great CPD programmes inspire you to put into practice what you learn so you become an even better teacher. But effective CPD doesn’t depend on how long you spend listening or engaging in activity. Instead, it’s about the ongoing commitment you make as a school to do things differently.Here are 8 reasons why CPD is so important:Effective teacher CPD has a direct and measurable impact on student ach…

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Wellbeing in Education

Do we have a problem in our schools?

There is a growing concern and an increase with Mental and Emotional health issues in our schools. We need to stand together, work as one, and support each other to be emotional and physically healthy. Develop resilience, seek to …

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If They Don’t Remember, Can They Really Know?

Tips for using effective revision strategies that strengthen students’ retrieval capacity

“But... I don’t know how to revise...” Sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s a common phrase we hear from our students when it comes to exam prep. It can also serve as a reminder that it is vital we consider not just the content…

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Twelve morale boosters to see in the New Year

Building teacher morale, especially in the winter months and after a school holiday, is vital to creating schools and classrooms where teachers and students feel positive and excel. Here are a few easy to use morale boosters to he…

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How getting professional development right can boost teacher retention

Teaching has always been demanding.

When I first entered the profession in 2002, I remember thinking that my own teachers surely couldn’t have worked this hard, or spent so long marking my tests. Clearly they had because I did quite well, and as we know, students don’t get good results without the hard work of effective, passionate teachers. Yet it’s t…

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The Changing Face of Safeguarding

This year has again seen a wide variety of reports and case reviews published both in the UK and internationally all identifying the missed opportunities to keep children safe and therefore putting them at risk of abuse or neglect. The children’s commissioner (UK) issued a recent report (July 2017) stating that there are currently about 11 million chi…

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Top tips on evaluating teacher CPD in your school

One of the greatest influences on student outcomes is by improving both teaching and learning through effective teacher CPD. Yet few schools evaluate its impact adequately, or even at all. Unless you do so, it is difficult to know to what extent a CPD programme has benefited a school or offered value for money.

The following initial framework will help…

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Eight morale boosters to bolster staff performance

Building teacher morale, especially in the winter months and in the build-up to exams, is vital to creating schools and classrooms where teachers and children are happy and excel. Here are a few easy to use morale boosters to help you this term:Hand out a teaching and learning resource box.Arrange regular ‘Feel Good Fridays’ in the staffroom at break time (even some biscuits or donuts with a mug o…

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What we know about evaluating the impact of continuous professional development (CPD)

Effective teacher CPD improves teaching and learning and has one of the largest impact on student outcomes (Hargreaves, 1994 and Craft, 2000). This means that getting it right is crucial. But, when it comes to CPD, how do we know we are getting it right? It’s a topic I regularly raise in my initial consultation meetings with schools and other educational institutions and it’s often the case that t…

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Lead the Charge to Change

Education in England is undergoing huge structural upheaval. With local authorities side-lined as more schools become academies, and parent governors increasingly disenfranchised (White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere, Department of Education, 2016), the fragmentation of the system is already having a chaotic impact on school placement planning.

On top of this, the crisis in teacher recrui…

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Ten morale boosters to help kick-start your school year (2016/17)

As you welcome back your staff and students you are probably thinking of ways to keep morale high as senior leadership teams know only too well that happier teachers often means happier children.To spur this forward, adopting our ten morale boosters will help boost staff performance creating even better working opportunities and providing a platform that nurtures skills and talent every day!Prepar…

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The Memory Game

Boosting Pupil Information Retrieval

Whether it be individual lessons, schemes of work or curriculums, it’s very easy to focus on what is being taught in a school. But how often do you stop to consider effective ways to ensure that students actually remember the content and are able to recall and utilise it at a later date? What strategies can be used to ensure that the teaching going on in their establishment really ‘sticks’ and in …

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Expanding The Mind

The Growth Mindset Way

Like many, I was pushed to work hard from a young age to make sure I passed those exams. Looking back, I realise instead of being praised for the effort I put in, my success was entirely measured by the grades I achieved. My experience of rewarding achievement is typical, both as a student and as an educator. This stems from a system where many schools are driven by results-orientated approaches t…

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Managing Change Effectively

Using Kotter’s ‘Theory of Change’

We need to embrace change in order to develop and grow — successful organisations regularly take the time to reflect on their goals, make adjustments and set new targets. Over the last few years, schools across the country have undergone significant programmes of change and development as a result of government initiatives — all of which have had to be implemented and managed by each school’s lead…

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Ten morale boosters to bolster staff performance

As you are welcoming back your staff and students you are probably thinking of ways to keep morale high. With lots of imminent changes in education, many of which are taking place this September, there is no better time than now to think about how to achieve this over the next ten months. After all, creating supportive workplaces that encourage staff to reflect, grow and develop in a positive way …

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How getting into the habit of reflection raises student attainment

It probably only feels like yesterday that you were sitting in September’s INSET listening to your head teacher talk about the year ahead or clearing out your cupboard and recycling old Year 11 exercise books. Ten months later, it’s June. GCSE, AS and A-level exams are well under way and you’re starting to anticipate the start of the long holiday that heralds the end of yet another memorable acade…

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10 Ways to Make Marking Matter

Getting the best out of students

As a teacher there is nothing more frustrating and disheartening when marking your students’ work than realising that their understanding doesn’t match your expectation. How best to address this issue to ensure your students continue to progress in your classroom?

Effective marking can raise standards in schools

I am pleased to see that we have moved on from the days of the simple ‘tick and flick’ o…

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