Boost staff performance by adopting these simple morale boosters, helping create even better opportunities and providing a platform that nurtures skills and talents every day!

  1. Display large photos around the school of pupils enjoying learning with their teachers
  2. Organise staff wellbeing weeks when no meetings are scheduled
  3. Change end of term celebrations to keep them fresh
  4. Encourage staff to set up diverse social activities like a book club, cake baking, kayaking or yoga
  5. Once a week, dedicate 10 minutes to celebrate the exceptional work or outstanding effort of individual staff. This should be led by senior and middle leaders.
  6. Get school governors to write termly thank you cards to staff who have gone that extra mile
  7. Produce staff and student videos and showcase these around the school
  8. Encourage students to say and write thank you letters to staff
  9. Ensure all senior staff are approachable. SLT should have an open-door policy on at least one morning or afternoon a week.
  10. Continually build a team ethos of ‘we are all in this together for the benefit of our students’
  11. Promote and celebrate diversity days through student and staff assemblies, by using school videos and attending events in the area
  12. When designing professional development training, allocate enough follow-up time to practice newly acquired skills and to use programme material