Why not use these growth-minded phrases in the classroom to support your students with their learning:

  1. “Of course it’s difficult. School is here to make our brains stronger/grow!”
  2. “I admire your persistence and your hard work is admirable. It will certainly pay off.”
  3. “Let me explain it another way using different words.”
  4. “Look at how much progress you have made. Do you remember how much more challenging this was for you in the past?”
  5. “So you didn’t do as well as you wanted. Let’s look at this as a chance to learn.”
  6. “Try the following strategies to try and work this out.”
  7. “Mistakes are welcome! Your persistence will pay off.”
  8. “Simply try. Any mistakes we can fix and work through together.”
  9. “Why don’t we stop here for today and try this tomorrow with a fresher brain.”
  10. “You’re now ready for something more difficult and challenging.”
  11. “You are not quite here... yet.”