84% of university students surveyed report re-reading notes and text books as their most popular study habit.

When revising, do your students:

  1. Re-read pages and pages of notes and tell you they don’t know how to revise?
  2. ‘Cram’ before exams?
  3. Feel anxious about not retaining enough information?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then our study programmes will support your students to become better learners in the build-up to their exams. Based on research from The Science of Learning and the work of Prof. John Dunlosky, our Student Masterclasses and the follow-up reflective teaching resources promise to change the way students approach their learning both in the classroom and during independent study.

Student Masterclass:
Kick Start Study Skills
Key Stage 3

A two-hour masterclass that covers seven simple but essential techniques to achieving mastery learning. Drawing from science on the ‘learning brain’, we cover learning habits such as spaced repetition, time-management, self-testing and self-explanation. Ideal for GCSE preparation.

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Student Masterclass:
Revise To Maximise
Key Stage 4 & 5

A two-hour masterclass that harnesses the brain’s ability to retrieve and retain information through easily adoptable revision planning and memory techniques — leaving students amazed at how much more information they are able to recall at a much deeper level. Well-suited to GCSE and A-level students.

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Reflective masterclass package plus diagnostic tools to measure impact.

As part of the importance of reflective learning, and to make the masterclasses more meaningful, we have created a series of teaching resources (8–10 hours of learning). These can be used during tutor time, or PSHCE lessons, to reflect and carry on these important conversations. Our diagnostic tools can be used both before and after our visit to help assess the impact on student learning.

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