As this year draws to a close and you busily tick off your Christmas checklist, take a moment to reflect on your professional development so far and what you aspire to going forward. Below is a CPD checklist that will help you along the way.

All CPD should:

  1. Have clear personalised teacher goals agreed from the start.
  2. Be part of a school ethos that promotes on-going professional development.
  3. Include a clear timeline for measuring CPD impact covering the how, what and when, right from the start.
  4. Allocate follow-up time for the practice of new skills and utilisation of the program materials.
  5. Focus on student learning needs.
  6. Enable modelling, demonstration and practice from day one.
  7. Involve on-going support and collaborative opportunities.
  8. Allow for mentoring, coaching, frequent working groups, school visits and meetings using data instruction, pedagogy and research.

The Veema Team and I would like to wish you a fantastic Christmas and a new year filled with great things.

Happy holidays,

Mr Costa Constantinou (BA, MA, PGCE)
Director of Educational Services