No two learners are the same. We all approach the learning process from a unique perspective but it can be difficult to pinpoint why we find it easy to recall some facts while others seem to slip through our minds like water through a sieve. So when exams are looming, what can we do to maximise our chances of remembering the dates, names and formulae we need to get the best marks we can?

How do you learn?

If you take a little time to diagnose the learning style that best suits you, it’ll pay dividends when you really need to recall information. Most of us use a combination of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic cues to help us acquire and retain information.

For some learners, one approach may be significantly more successful than another — for instance, you may find you are more easily able to recall a name of a date if you associate it with a visual image, a scent or an action. Reading words aloud, underlining them in different colours or producing mind maps to establish links between ideas are all useful strategies, depending on your learning style.

Revise to maximise

At Veema, we understand which techniques work best for different learners and have developed a range of strategies designed to support students and their teachers as they approach exam revision. Our ‘Revise to Maximise’ masterclass is delivered to small groups of KS4 and KS5 students with the aim of giving them access to powerful revision tools as they prepare for impending exams.

We help students to identify the techniques and methods that resonate with them and help train brains to remember information on a deeper level. Students also gain confidence from using successful strategies, which, in turn, makes them more likely to perform under pressure on the day.

Lasting benefits

Because we always leave extensive follow-up resources that can be incorporated into lesson plans and used by teachers to continue supporting students, our masterclasses provide great value and have lasting impact. To discover more about the different learning styles and how to employ our ‘revise to maximise’ strategy, visit Veema Education’s website