Oue free expert webinar “Transformation through Coaching” will be on Tuesday 21 January 2020, and will be delivered by John Kane.

Target audience

  • Headteachers and senior leaders
  • Professional development leaders
  • Middle leaders

Webinar Description

When done right, coaching will have a transformative impact on any organisation. This webinar will help you to understand why it works and how it might look in your school. The session will look at a coaching model, but will also consider coaching as a “way of behaving” - a set of principles and practices that will lead to a sustainable culture of interdependence.

The session will allow for interaction and reflection, as well as provide you with “take-away” tools and ideas that will help you to get started on your coaching experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the coaching process and its impact on people and organisational culture
  • Explore why there has never been a better time to introduce coaching as a leadership approach
  • Understand the T-GROW model for coaching
  • Understand the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Be able to implement a coaching model in your school

Presenter Biography

Judith believes every child deserves the very best education possible and that it is the responsibility of teachers and school leaders to deliver this, a philosophy that is very much reflected in her coaching and mentoring methods. So she actively works alongside HMI and OFSTED to support schools as they look to raise their standards during what can sometimes be very difficult self-improvement journeys. Judith’s leadership is defined in large part by her ability to distinguish the truly innovative idea from the educational fad. Her highly successful career has encompassed primary teaching, leadership and management and has taken her from small village school through to some of Britain’s most needy and demanding urban educational environments. Judith has recently become the founding headteacher of an entirely new British international school of some 800 pupils. Under her leadership, the school has already become a vibrant and outstanding example of academic, pastoral and vocational excellence.