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20 top revision and exam tips for your students

Effective revision:

Divide study time into timetabled chunks, so your revision has structure.

Make notes in a way that fosters self-testing.

Allow extra time for more difficult s…

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10 Simple Steps to Managing a Cohesive Classroom

Based on the work of Dr. Bill Rodgers, behaviour management guru, we have put together a quick list of ‘10 simple steps to managing a cohesive classroom’ that you can use and share with colleagues to share best practice:

Take pupils back to the original behaviour before dealing with, or getting distracted by, secondary behaviours.

Be consistent. Display rules clearly on classrooms walls …

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Tips to Make Exam Study Stick!

As a former school leader I know only to well how important the next few months are for your students as well as yourselves. This is why before the Easter break I sent you a free teaching resource entitled 'The Cornell Note Taking System', which is a useful revision tool for students to use when note-taking and preparing for exams (click on the button on the right to get it).

We have put together a…

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Successful School Leadership

Course Overview: Two Day Course

There probably isn’t an educational institution in the world whose success can’t be linked to its leadership. But such success is often less a question of having someone take charge than of giving individuals the chance to take charge. Which is why it’s important to provide leaders with the opportunity to explore and develop their own leadership potential through a t…

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Free National Careers Week Tutor Resource

We are proud to be #NCW2017 ambassadors!

To celebrate next week’s National Careers Week, we have put together a free tutor resource for you and your students to enjoy.

Do share with colleagues in your school and on social media and let us know how you get on!

Have a great week!

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Rev Up Your Revision! Motivational Study Skills Assembly!

Mr Beezy of TMI Seminars and Mr Costa Constantinou of Veema Education have joined forces to launch an exciting new motivational and effective study habits student assembly for the build-up to exams.

Rev Up Your Revision is a one hour, non-stop, high impact assembly that’ll leave your students inspired, motivated and tooled-up with effective learning techniques based on research from The Science of …

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Make Learning Stick!

84% of university students surveyed report re-reading notes and text books as their most popular study habit.

When revising, do your students:

Re-read pages and pages of notes and tell you they don’t know how to revise?

‘Cram’ before exams?

Feel anxious about not retaining enough information?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then our study programmes will support your students to become better …

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8 morale boosters to bolster staff performance

Building teacher morale, especially in the winter months and in the build-up to exams, is vital to creating schools and classrooms where teachers and children are happy and excel. Here are a few easy to use morale boosters to help you this term:

Hand out a teaching and learning resource box.

Arrange regular ‘Feel Good Fridays’ in the staffroom at break time (even some biscuits or donuts with a mug o…

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Ensure best practice in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children

Our free safeguarding expert webinar will be on on Tuesday 24 January in association with COBIS.

“How international schools can ensure best practice in safeguarding and promot…

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What we know about evaluating the impact of continuous professional development (CPD)

Effective teacher CPD improves teaching and learning and has one of the largest impact on student outcomes (Hargreaves, 1994 and Craft, 2000). This means that getting it right is crucial. But, when it comes to CPD, how do we know we are getting it right? It’s a topic I regularly raise in my initial consultation meetings with schools and other educational institutions and it’s often the case that t…

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Christmas Stocking CPD Checklist

As this year draws to a close and you busily tick off your Christmas checklist, take a moment to reflect on your professional development so far and what you aspire to going forward. Below is a CPD checklist that will help you along the way.

All CPD should…

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Make mock exam prep a little different this year...

To really boost the rate of student information retention and retrieval at this critical time why not consider offering them one of the following options:

Student Assembly: Revision Techniques All studentsA 40-minute assembly exploring the science behind how we learn and sharing proven learning techniques that enable students to squeeze the most out of the time and resources available to them. We t…

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Half price offer on select in-house Teacher CPD

You will be interested to know about our current half price special offer for teacher CPD training programmes. Each programme can run over one or two days in your school for a duration of up to six hours a day to as many members of staff as needed.

Price: £800 per day(normally £1,600)

Excludes travel and accommodation. Terms and conditions apply. The offer applies for any bookings made before Friday…

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Student assemblies to fire up the brain!

Do you remember the most impactful school assemblies that stimulated your mind?

They captured your attention and led you on a journey. But creating these special moments takes time and effort. That’s why more and more schools are using our 40-minute Student Assemblies to ignite their students’ interest. Fun and interactive, we can target them at specific pupils or whole year groups.

We can do the sa…

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Supercharging AS- and A-Level Selection — Masterclass

As Year 11 decisions can affect university or career choices further down the line, students must be able to make the best-informed decisions about which subjects and courses to choose at sixth form.

Through engaging interactive sessions, our Step It Up Masterclass enables them to do that. This information-rich masterclass can be tailored to any group’s needs to provide students with all the import…

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Lead the Charge to Change

Education in England is undergoing huge structural upheaval. With local authorities side-lined as more schools become academies, and parent governors increasingly disenfranchised (White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere, Department of Education, 2016), the fragmentation of the system is already having a chaotic impact on school placement planning.

On top of this, the crisis in teacher recrui…

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Ten morale boosters to help kick-start your school year (2016/17)

As you welcome back your staff and students you are probably thinking of ways to keep morale high as senior leadership teams know only too well that happier teachers often means happier children.

To spur this forward, adopting our ten morale boosters will help boost staff performance creating even better working opportunities and providing a platform that nurtures skills and talent every day!


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Assembly Special Offer

Revision techniques for effective independent study

Host a specially devised 40-minute assembly on revision techniques.

Our Revision Techniques assembly explores the science behind how we learn and shares proven study techniques that enable students to squeeze the most out of the time and resources available to them. In less than 40 minutes we will transform the way students approach revision and define a clear route to an efficient and effective learning model.

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The Memory Game

Boosting Pupil Information Retrieval

Whether it be individual lessons, schemes of work or curriculums, it’s very easy to focus on what is being taught in a school. But how often do you stop to consider effective ways to ensure that students actually remember the content and are able to recall and utilise it at a later date? What strategies can be used to ensure that the teaching going on in their establishment really ‘sticks’ and in …

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Expanding The Mind

The Growth Mindset Way

Like many, I was pushed to work hard from a young age to make sure I passed those exams. Looking back, I realise instead of being praised for the effort I put in, my success was entirely measured by the grades I achieved. My experience of rewarding achievement is typical, both as a student and as an educator. This stems from a system where many schools are driven by results-orientated approaches t…

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Managing Change Effectively

Using Kotter’s ‘Theory of Change’

We need to embrace change in order to develop and grow — successful organisations regularly take the time to reflect on their goals, make adjustments and set new targets. Over the last few years, schools across the country have undergone significant programmes of change and development as a result of government initiatives — all of which have had to be implemented and managed by each school’s lead…

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Ten morale boosters to bolster staff performance

As you are welcoming back your staff and students you are probably thinking of ways to keep morale high. With lots of imminent changes in education, many of which are taking place this September, there is no better time than now to think about how to achieve this over the next ten months. After all, creating supportive workplaces that encourage staff to reflect, grow and develop in a positive way …

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How getting into the habit of reflection raises student attainment

It probably only feels like yesterday that you were sitting in September’s INSET listening to your head teacher talk about the year ahead or clearing out your cupboard and recycling old Year 11 exercise books. Ten months later, it’s June. GCSE, AS and A-level exams are well under way and you’re starting to anticipate the start of the long holiday that heralds the end of yet another memorable acade…

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10 Ways to Make Marking Matter

Getting the best out of students

As a teacher there is nothing more frustrating and disheartening when marking your students’ work than realising that their understanding doesn’t match your expectation. How best to address this issue to ensure your students continue to progress in your classroom?

Effective marking can raise standards in schools

I am pleased to see that we have moved on from the days of the simple ‘tick and flick’ o…

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Playing to your strengths — the art of effective revision

No two learners are the same. We all approach the learning process from a unique perspective but it can be difficult to pinpoint why we find it easy to recall some facts while others seem to slip through our minds like water through a sieve. So when exams are looming, what can we do to maximise our chances of remembering the dates, names and formulae we need to get the best marks we can?

How do you…

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It must be remembered that the purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts. It is to teach them to think.
Robert M. Hutchins (1899–1977)

The universal right to education

Inclusiveness in education policy and the role of schools

We are pleased to invite you to a discussion featuring keynote speaker and published author Valentina Migliarini.

Drawing on her extensive experience in the field, Valentina Migliarini will answer questions such as ‘what is inclusion?’ and ‘how do related educational policies influence teachers and students in their daily lives?’. The talk will be chaired by Costas Constantinou of Veema Educational…

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