Executive Coaching

Professional coaching dramatically raises not only an individual’s performance but also that of an organisation.

Coaching for individuals

  • Improves self-awareness and flexibility.
  • Builds greater confidence.
  • Helps develop relationships with others.
  • Strengthens managerial and leadership skills.
  • Enhances the capacity to handle change and support others through it.
  • Makes for clearer goal setting.
  • Increases problem-solving abilities.
  • Encourages better decision making.
  • Leads to the acquisition of new skills.
  • Results in better all-round performance and productivity.
  • Helps establish a process of ‘self-coaching’ based on personal learning needs.

For organisations coaching

  • Improves overall performance, productivity and quality of business results.
  • Increases morale and employee retention.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to learning in the organisation.
  • Reinforces the establishment of a learning culture.
  • Develops the organisations internal coaching capabilities.
  • Facilitates organisational change.
  • Sustains other learning and development activity.
  • Helps embed new ways quickly.
  • Supports individuals through personal change (e.g. promotion).

By investing in executive coaching your organisation will be able to:

  • Offer senior leaders the unique support they need to raise their professional performance.
  • Increase an individual’s quality of thinking.
  • Be a 'critical friend' to both individual and organisation.
  • Raise awareness of factors that might help or hinder an organisation in achieving its goals as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure best practices are fully embedded and adequately evaluated throughout the school.
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Reasons to choose Veema

  • We work extensively with UK and International Schools and so have a global understanding of the issues facing educators and school staff.
  • Our highly-rated training courses have been created by experts and are delivered by experienced professional development trainers.
  • All our trainers are former teachers and school leaders who know how to look at the world from your perspective.
  • Our courses are certified, which means you can be sure of their quality.
  • We offer extensive and in-depth post-course online support to help you get the most from each training session
  • Our programmes can be tailored precisely to your school’s needs.
  • We offer a wealth of literature and material for use in your school.

Further Information

Our coaching sessions, which are either 30 or 60 minutes long, are delivered remotely by accredited coaches who are also former school leaders. For more information about our Executive Coaching Packages for School Leaders email our Director of Educational Services, Costa Constantinou.