About Us

Veema is Greek for ‘moving forward’ and that’s what we are all about by helping ensure that the next move our schools take towards academic excellence is the best one.

Costa Constantinou, a former school leader, founded Veema in 2013 driven by his passionate belief in the transformative power of education to create opportunity. Brought up in a migrant family, the benefits of schooling were instilled in Costa from a young age by his parents who valued education so highly because they’d been deprived of it themselves.

Veema’s professional development and school improvement programmes enable teachers and school leaders around the world to develop through continuous learning to the benefit of themselves and their students.

Our approach is unique

We bring our training programmes to you, tailor them to your precise requirements and leave you with the resources you need to review and extend the learning experience in the months to come.

We provide carefully planned CPD (continuous professional development) programmes — over the course of days, months or terms with intended follow-up support.

  • All our consultants are experts in their field with specialist training and development knowledge
  • We focus on evidence-informed approaches and practitioner enquiry to bring effective change
  • We take pride in establishing positive working relationships with schools to leave lasting impact


Costa Constantinou

Director of Educational Services

Costa is Veema’s driving force and has many years of experience both within the classroom and at leadership level. He understands firsthand the needs and priorities of schools today and has led national and international keynotes and workshops on improving teaching and learning, leadership in schools and implementing and managing effective change. Costa passionately advocates that professional development is a requisite tool for teachers to engage with pedagogy, offer collaborative working partnerships, challenge and advance existing practice. Taken together these sharpen our ability to focus on how we teach and how pupils learn — a reflective approach that at its core sees learning through the eyes of the learner.

Veema: Costa