About Us

Our aim is to help educationalists, schools and students recognise their potential and achieve excellence through training and development.

Which is why we’ve developed a series of training programmes for staff and students that use tried-and-tested techniques to engage, empower and energise — with impressive results.

Our approach is unique

We bring our training programmes to you, tailor them to your precise requirements and leave you with the resources you need to review and extend the learning experience in the months to come.

We can deliver effective two-hour masterclasses that give students guidance at some of the most critical points in their education, and we can also provide carefully planned CPD (continuous professional development) programmes — over the course of days, months or terms — for teachers and school leaders.

  • All our consultants are experts in their field with specialist training and development knowledge
  • We have experience with Ofsted and are up to date with the latest government educational policies and reviews
  • We take pride in establishing positive working relationships with schools to bring effective change


Veema: Costa

Costa Constantinou

Director of Educational Services

Costa is Veema’s driving force and has many years of experience both within the classroom and at leadership level. He understands firsthand the needs and priorities of schools today and has led national and international keynotes and workshops on improving teaching and learning, leadership in schools and implementing and managing effective change. Costa passionately advocates that professional development is a requisite tool for teachers to engage with pedagogy, offer collaborative working partnerships, challenge and advance existing practice. Taken together these sharpen our ability to focus on how we teach and how pupils learn — a reflective approach that at its core sees learning through the eyes of the learner.

Veema: Louca

Louca Efthemi

Director of Communications

Louca has extensive experience in design and communications. He has gained many years of industry experience, from boutique agencies to global corporations. Louca also holds a degree in international relations strengthening his belief that education is central to building more cohesive and successful societies. Louca manages the Veema brand as well as ensuring all our output is engaging and clearly communicated, whether marketing material or the resources used in our training sessions.

Veema: Phivos

Phivos Ioannou

Director of Operations

Phivos is an experienced aeronautical engineering consultant. In his role he creates mathematical models to improve engineering designs or processes, making them operationally more efficient and effective. Phivos is responsible for the smooth operational running of the business, meticulously managing data and processes and the technical infrastructure of Veema.

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